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2019 National Art Competition
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Our mission is to make globalart a stepping stone for these children in magnifying their abilities and in exploring the world's possibilities creatively.  
I feel great winning the International Art Competition championship! I am excited and I would like to thank my parents for their support and my teacher for nurturing me throughout my classroom experience. My Dream City...
I am so happy that I am the champion of this International Art Competition! I want to thank my parents, teacher and grandmother for their support throughout. I love globalart as I have come a long way in improving my...
I am excited and proud in being the champion of this International Art Competition! A big thank you to my parents and teacher for their support. I love globalart as it has nurtured my creativity in art as well as boo...
I feel awesome upon being the champion of this International Art Competition! I would like to thank my parents and my teacher, Angel for always encouraging me! My masterpiece of My Dream City today was of space where...
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